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The Linde Group has acquired in the year 2008 51 percent of the shares in the family-owned industrial gases company SIGAS (Saudi Industrial Gas Co. ltd.).

Linde-SIGAS, which employs about 400 people, is the second biggest industrial gases company in Saudi Arabia.  Established in 1955, Saudi Industrial Gas Co. Ltd. (SIGAS) is the first industrial gases company to be set-up in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Today, Linde-SIGAS is the leading manufacturer of all Bulk, Industrial, Medical and Specialty gases for the growing needs of the Kingdom, with operational and Sales outlets spread throughout major cities of Saudi Arabia.

The Specialty Gases Division (SGD) of Linde-SIGAS manufactures Ultra High Purity and Carrier Grade pure gases having purity of 99.9999%; mixture gases including Calibration gas mixture, Medical gas mixture, Environmental gas mixture and welding gas mixture using highly reliable and gravimetric technology. Our Specialty gas products are of international standards and traceable to NIST - USA (National Institute of Standards & Technology) standard.

The Projects Division has developed in-house expertise in building and setting-up of Piped Medical & Industrial Gases Supply Systems.

Linde-SIGAS supplies Refrigeration gases of various grades under the brand SIGRON. Imported brands SOLKANE - manufactured by SOLVAY FLOUR(Germany), GENETRON – manufactured by HONEYWELL (USA), FORANE manufactured by ARKEMA (France) in addition to Linde brand which is filled by leading manufacturers, SIGAS has the ability to supply in various packing - ISO tanks, 1-ton tanks, refillable and disposable cylinders.

Linde-SIGAS provides added value to its customers through a wide product range of hardgoods which include Welding Consumables manufactured by Gedik (Turkey), The Sun (Thailand), and Harris Brazing & Soldering (USA). Oxy-fuel equipments and Welding Accessories manufactured by Harris Gas Equipments (USA), Unika (Turkey), IBEDA (Germany), Weld Craft (USA), Bernard (USA), Keen Ovens (USA). Welding Machines manufactured by Gedik (Turkey) and Comparc (Mexico) and also safety products imported from leading manufacturers around the world which includes Fibre-Metal .

The company has expanded its reach, through active export to other GCC countries, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, and other parts of Middleeast, currently export business represents considerable share of total turnover and includes all the product range.

Linde-SIGAS is an ISO 9001:2008 organization and our products meet international standards. This is achieved through highly sophisticated process monitoring, Quality Control & Assurance procedures and systems and a trained workforce. Over the years, the company has been catering to the changing needs of the customers Kingdom wide from a spectrum of industries – Oil & Gas Exploration, Refineries, Defense, Petrochemicals, Energy, Water Conversion, Steel, Power Plants, Telecom, Dairy, Chemical, Aerospace, Glass, Plastic, Aluminum, Fire Fighting, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning, Cement, Agriculture, Construction, Process industries, Food & Beverage, Health care, Research Institutes and others.


Saudi Industrial Gas Co,.
P. O. Box # 291,
Street # 67, 2nd Industrial City,
Dammam – 31952.

Phone: +966 3 812 1220
Admin Fax: +966 3 812 1218
Sales Fax: +966 3 812 2252 / 812 1812

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