Reactor Cooling with CUMULUS® FTC

Reliable, cryogenic cooling to -100°C without the risk of freezing

Especially in stirred reactors, multi-step synthesis is often performed at different temperature levels. In the fine and specialty chemistry sector, low-temperature process conditions down to and below -100°C are not unusual. For the generation of very low temperatures (below -40°C), cryogenic nitrogen is often the cooling medium of choice. This is not only due to the high cooling power and high flexibility of this liquid, but also to the fact that it offers lower investment costs than conventional cooling machines.
CUMULUS® fluid temperature control (FTC).
Reliable and precise cryogenic cooling to -100°C

Key benefits
Improved product quality
•    CUMULUS FTC allows extremely low-temperature environments of -100°C (-148°F) to be achieved with an unprecedented level of accuracy of ±1°C (1.8°F).
•    The high level of accuracy eliminates side reactions that generate unwanted compounds or isomers.
•    Customers benefit from optimised product quality, selectivity and yield.

Reduced production cost
•    Increased selectivity leads to an increased production yield, which means reduced raw material costs.
•    Elimination of the separation step greatly accelerates processing times.
•    High reliability due to the low batch rejection rate.
•    Gaseous nitrogen (GAN) can be reused.
•    Low maintenance effort and superior reliability since the only moving part is the control valve. 

•    One system supporting load, flow and temperature variations in process control.

•    Compact design: The system has a very small footprint. It uses liquid nitrogen, a set of heat exchangers and a transfer fluid, so there is no need to rebuild processes or facilities.
•    Easy to install and operate: CUMULUS FTC can be retrofitted or added to existing process equipment. This minimises production downtime.
•    Fast: The system is up and running rapidly.
•    Standards compliance: The units comply with all relevant EU and US regulations.

Our offering
•    The CUMULUS ® FTC system is available in several standard sizes, covering cooling requirements ranging from lab/pilot operation to full scale production.
•    It is available on short notice and there is also a rental option for on-site testing and evaluation.
•    We support all steps in the project management cycle, from planning to installation and start-up. We also offer gas supply and after-sales support. In addition, customers have the option of participating in test runs at our pilot plant or conducting trials at their own site.

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