CRYOLINE® range of cryogenic freezers

Linde has a tailored range of cryogenic freezing and chilling equipment that optimises quality with throughout requirements suited to each industry sector. The freezing and chilling range is brought to customers on rental basis. Contact us to see which is the best freezer for your requirements.

CRYOLINE CF.Cabinet freezer.

CRYOLINE CF - Cabinet freezer

The CRYOLINE® CF is a cryogenic food cabinet freezer, suitable for small batch operations where food trolleys are manually loaded.

It provides great flexibility for a variety of food products as well as short and long retention times.

The freezer is available in several models and sizes and can operate with liquid nitrogen (LIN) or carbon dioxide (LIC).

View of the CRYOLINE XF spiral freezer

CRYOLINE XF - High performance spiral freezer

The CRYOLINE ® XF is built for large capacities from 2,500 to 7,500 kg/h (5,500-16,500 lb/h)*.

Its patented technology delivers twice the heat transfer rate of commercial spiral freezers, making it twice as powerful.

The CRYOLINE XF  provides a smaller footprint, a higher production capacity and is more efficient than standard cryogenic spiral freezers.

It is suitable for high temperature and high moisture products, e. g. cooked poultry, seafood and prepared meals.

CRYOLINE CW. Dual-purpose freezer.

CRYOLINE CW - Multi-purpose freezer

Easily switching between IQF (individually quick frozen) mode and standard flat belt tunnel freezer, the CRYOLINE® CW is a versatile multi-purpose  cryogenic freezer.

It utilises the CRYOWAVE controllable vibration technology that provides adjustable agitation for optimum IQF foods, while also providing the ability to perform as a standard tunnel for many other food types of differing shapes and sizes.

The freezer is available in various models and belt widths with typical achievable production rates of 500–2,700 kg/h (1,100–6,000 lb/h)*.

View of CRYOLINE SC cryogenic freezer, Still life.

CRYOLINE SC - In-line tunnel freezer

For products which are difficult to handle, the CRYOLINE® SC in-line tunnel freezer uses a patented disposable foil belt.

The unit can easily freeze or cool liquid and/or marinated products, or alternatively harden soft products (e. g. fillets of fish or chicken) prior to final freezing.

Because the belt is disposable, it is possible to change products during the production cycle without having to clean the belt.

Another advantage over mesh belts is that the foil is smooth, which is perfect for processing soft foodstuffs as it ensures no belt marks.

CRYOLINE MT Tunnel freezer, open front view.

CRYOLINE MT - Tunnel freezer

The CRYOLINE® MT is an in-line continuous tunnel freezer, which uses either liquid nitrogen (LIN) or carbon dioxide (LIC), depending on your food product and production needs.

It is modular in design, enabling you to expand production by adding additional tunnels for a longer freezing production line.

It is available in several models and belt widths with production rates of 200–2,500 kg/h (440–5,500 lb/h)*.

CRYOLINE MT Tunnel freezer, open front view.

CRYOLINE TI - CRYOLINE TI Top-down impingement high capacity freezer

The CRYOLINE® TI is a high performance freezer utilising top-down impingement technology.

This modular tunnel freezer delivers more than twice the heat transfer rate of standard cryogenic tunnel freezers.   Smaller in size than conventional cryogenic freezers, it occupies less space on the production floor (typically 40 percent less floor space than conventional cryogenic tunnel freezers for the same production rate). The CRYOLINE TI offers extremely high convective heat transfer rates and provides efficient use of liquid nitrogen, thereby reducing the cost to freeze.

Using liquid nitrogen (LIN) as a cooling agent, CRYOLINE TI is suitable for a wide range of non-IQF products with a typical capacity range of 1,500–2,500 kg/h (3,300–5,500 lb/h)*.

CRYOLINE SI freezer with closed lid

CRYOLINE SI - Snap-on immersion freezer

The CRYOLINE® SI is a nitrogen immersion freezer that conveys the food product through a nitrogen bath for quick IQF freezing.

It is designed for high-volume IQF (individually quick frozen) applications, such as cooked poultry, diced meats and prawns.

Immersion freezers expose the product directly to liquid nitrogen to get a rapid crust freeze to lock in product yield and reduce cooking losses. This ensures that there is little clumping and that only a few product particles stick to each other and the belt.

This patented freezer will produce IQF pellets in a regular size with high repeatability, opening up many possibilities for the modern food processor.

CRYOLINE PE - Pellet/moulded-shape freezer

This is the only cryogenic freezer designed to produce formed food shapes.

Processors interested in portion control of frozen ingredients for sauces, purees, soups and other liquid food products can achieve weight proportioning and unique logo imprints.

The CRYOLINE® PE is perfectly suited for processors servicing the food service and ready meals industries as well as consumer markets.

CRYOLINE CWI Freezer, side front angle II, closed


CRYOLINE ® CWI is an innovative IQF (individual quick frozen) freezer that combines the benefits of CRYOWAVE ® product agitation with high velocity impingement cryogen gas flows to give customers new-found levels of flexibility and productivity. CRYOLINE CWI enables customers to harness the power of higher heat transfer rates to maximize their freezing potential. Customers can now freeze more product within the same machine size and floor space, or you can achieve the same freezing production capacity with a smaller size machine requiring less floor space.   It is ideal for meats, seafood and IQF products such as shrimp, sliced/diced chicken, sausage, meatballs, pasta, pizza toppings, fruit and vegetables.

Small capacity spiral freezer, Unterschleißheim

CRYOLINE CS - Compact spiral freezer

The CRYOLINE ® CS is a cryogenic self-stacking spiral freezer.

Providing a high production capacity within a small space, it is suitable for a wide range of food products.

The CRYOLINE CS is targeted at medium volume customers with typical achievable production rates of 1,200–2,400 kg/h (2,600–5,300 lb/h)*.

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