Here at Linde we offer HELIOX mixtures in different cylinder sizes.

Helium is used as a vehicle for assisting respiration and gaining access to obstructed airways mainly to ensure oxygen flow into the alveoli of patients with severe respiratory obstruction. In conjunction with air and oxygen, helium is used for gas transfer lung function tests. Additionally liquid Helium is essential for the operation and cooling of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines.

HELIOX mixtures are typically three times less dense than air. This property allows patients with respiratory conditions to breathe more freely by reducing their work of breathing and improving their comfort.

We offer HELIOX 70 % He + 30 % O2 in different cylinder sizes: 10 L Cylinder 40 Cu, 40L Cylinder 240 Cu;
We offer HELIOX 80 % He + 20 % O2 in different cylinder sizes: 40 L Cylinder 240 Cu, 50L Grade;