GENIE Cylinders

At Linde, we are continuously developing our cylinder packages to meet varying market requirements. Besides our standard 200 and 300 bar cylinders, we developed new ones with higher pressures, digital displays and newly designed guards and valves provide more gas, cylinder intelligence and easier portability, whilst not affecting safety.

We have developed a technologically advanced range of lightweight, high-capacity cylinders to meet the portability needs of mobile and occasional gas users across a range of industries.
The GENIE ® cylinder family is a landmark departure from the steel cylinders you would have typically used in the past. It incorporates impressive usability features such as built-in digital intelligence, gas identification rings and easy-grip handles. The optional accessories – a detachable wheelbase and telescopic handle – are designed to improve your overall experience even further.
GENIE ® cylinders come in two sizes with a working pressure of 300 bar. Not only do these cylinders weigh less than conventional 200-bar steel cylinders, they also hold about 30 percent more gas.
This new range is suited to
  - argon,
  - carbon dioxide,
  - oxygen,
  - helium,
  - nitrogen
 and various shielding gases.

GENIE ® - Features&Benefits:

More gas
GENIE ® cylinders are 300 bar, which means they contain up to 30 percent more gas than a comparable standard cylinder. More gas, less re-ordering and less collection or delivery charges.
Lightweight equals easy portability
GENIE ® cylinders are lightweight and easy to carry around.
Interactive display indicates remaining gas
Digital display screen indicates the flow rate and the remaining gas at the simple touch of a button, which helps manage gas requirements.
Built-in alarm detects low gas before it runs out
Low contents alarm sounds when there is only 25% or 10% gas remaining and when the cylinder is empty. No more running out in the middle of the job.
Protective handles prevent regulator damage
Easy-grip robust cylinder handles protect the valve and regulator, which prevents damage and costly replacement.
Attachable wheels improve safety
High-strength and suitable for industrial use, allowing easy manoeuvre within the work space. Removes the need to lift heavy cylinders onto a separate trolley.
Stackable base reduces storage space
Designed to stack two cylinders together; a cylinder first.

GENIE Accessories

GENIE Regulators
GENIE ® regulators are specifically designed for the 300 bar GENIE cylinders.
The regulators are manufactured to meet the stringent ISO 2503 safety and performance standards, providing exceptionally consistent flow characteristics and pressure stability.
The regulators are also exceptionally small in size and designed to fit within the circumference of the cylinder, thereby avoiding any risk of costly regulator damage when a cylinder accidentally falls.
Stable Attachable Wheels
These robust wheels are ideal indoors or for industrial use on flat ground and negate the need for an additional cylinder trolley. This improves safety and back strain - no more churning heavy cylinders across the yard.
The patented clip-on mechanism allows removal of the wheel base from the cylinder when it is not needed. Just the wheels are needed for moving GENIE short distances.
Extendable Handle
Attachable handle extends like a suitcase pulley which, when used with the wheels, allows easy transportation of GENIE across longer distances. Along with the wheels, they enable easy moving of cylinders mitigating any strain due to cylinder handling.