Gas Cylinders

Small volumes of compressed gases are usually supplied in single low or high-pressure cylinders and interconnected cylinder bundles.

Gas Cylinders

Linde cylinder packages are usually made of high-strength steel or aluminium with a filling pressure of up to 300bar. Available in a wide range of sizes and pressures, from small portable packages to large cylinders, they offer high versatility, flexibility and mobility. Our cylinders can be delivered promptly or collected at one of our nationwide locations. 

Cylinder Innovation
Apart from these standard bottles, Linde has launched a range of new innovative 300-bar cylinder packages to suit your different needs – GENIE® and EVOS™ family of cylinders.

Cylinder rental
Focus on your business - let us look after the rest. Renting with Linde has numerous benefits for you. By taking care of testing and repairing cylinders, and investing in latest cylinder packages, We will ensure you work according to the highest safety standards, with zero investments in cylinder packages.

Cylinder Safety
Linde gas cylinders are designed and manufactured in line with international standards and specifications. We will provide you with all the information you need to ensure cylinders are transported, stored and used safely.

Cylinder Innovation from Linde

GENIE® gas cylinder

Available in 10L or 20L with a working pressure of 300 bar, GENIE® contains 30% more gas than a standard steel cylinder and it uses digital display technology to tell you how much gas it contains. With attachable wheels, it is more portable.

This new range is suited to:
- argon,
- carbon dioxide,
- oxygen,
- helium,
- nitrogen
- various shielding gases. 

EVOS™ Ci cylinders

Combined with our 300-bar, 33-litre cylinder, the EVOS™ Ci is the ultimate in economy and convenience. It supplies the same capacity as our 50-litre, 200 bar package but is smaller, lighter, and – with the wider cylinder base – more stable, thereby affording improved safety, as well as greater manoeuvrability. In addition, a live content indicator saves time by allowing you to read the pressure at a glance – without needing to connect a regulator.

Our commitment to safety is further reflected in the fact that the EVOS Ci valve has been strictly tested to standards such as 

  • ISO 10297 (valve)
  • ISO 11363-1
  • ISO 15996
  • ISO 5145 and 
  • ISO 11117 (guard). 
In addition, EVOS Ci is designed for flexibility – supporting the full range of industrial gases ( oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, acetylene and inert gases) in packages ranging from 20 to 50 litres.

EVOS™ Ci has been designed with a number of innovative, patent-pending features that redefine performance, ergonomics and efficiency in a valve. 


Live content indicator for greater ease and efficiency

 EVOS Ci comes with a time-saving, live content gauge allowing users to read the pressure in the cylinder at a glance – without needing to connect a regulator. Not only does it save you time it also ensures that you know the cylinder is full on arrival and empty when it is returned, ensuring maximum gas usage with minimum amount of hassle. 


Safety interlock button

The safety interlock button eliminates the risk of a valve being opened accidentally – during transportation and manual handling for instance. 


Quick-action lever for improved user interaction and safety

EVOS Ci comes with a new, fast-acting, easy-to-use ON/OFF lever that allows users to see from a distance whether the valve is open or closed.
In a quick two-step process, users – even when wearing gloves – can quickly and easily depress the safety interlock button and lift the lever to start the gas flow and then when the task is complete simply pull the lever down to fully stop the gas flow quickly and safely. 


EVOS Ci guard

The EVOS Ci valve comes with a specially designed guard which is engineered for greater usability and safety, protecting the valve against accidental bumps and falls. 


Ergonomic lifting/handling features for greater user safety

The guard arms are designed to give the user optimal grip when handling the cylinder.
The churning knob makes it easier and safer to move cylinders over short distances.
The guard adaptor ring means that EVOS Ci can even be lifted with a crane if need be.


300-bar working pressure

EVOS Ci has a 300-bar working pressure so it holds more gas than a typical 200-bar cylinder, which means users can work with fewer or lighter cylinders. 

Cylinder Rental

Focus on your business – let us look after the rest. See how you can benefit from our rental service:

Zero investment
• We invest in cylinders for you – meaning no cylinder purchasing or deposit costs
• You don’t need to hold extra cylinders during maintenance and testing
• We free up your time so you can get on with the job at hand

Safety first
• No need to worry about testing your cylinders and valves – we do it for you
• We look after cylinder repair and replacements
• With us, you can work according to the highest safety standards

Latest technologies
• We invest in new cylinder packages for you
• You have access to state-of-the-art technologies such as lightweight cylinders and high-tech valves
• We constantly innovate new technologies to add value to your business

Flexible solution
• You are free to select and swap between gas types and cylinder sizes
• You can choose to pick up from any of our retail outlets or agents or have your cylinders delivered
• Pricing is flexible, adapting to your consumption